Lone Star Downs – 1st Races of the Season

Our first horse races were Tuesday, December 27th, at 3 PM.


Butch and Pam Jensen, the Coordinators for this event, and their team came in around 1:30 PM to set up tables and chairs, and get the stations for betting and collecting set up.

01-dscf3651 02-dscf3652 03-dscf3657

The horses are lined up and ready to go.  We named all of them this season:

1 – Thunder
2 – Jewel
3 – Blackie
4 – Bubblegum
5 – Butterscotch
6 – Orange Blossom


Neil Kanne, one of the jockeys, got a new shirt for this season. He said the wording wasn’t exactly what he ordered. There was some foul play involved. He was demoted on the shirt from jockey to Stable Boy.

05-15780762_10210533133919003_2313766782082847244_n 06-15665807_10210533170719923_8285890161281160005_n

Butch and Lee Clement getting ready for the races.


The Betting Window is set up.


Lee Clement made the move to get in line to place their bets and the rest of the room followed him.


The line is growing


Finally the bets are all placed.


Steve Petersen holds up our new Race Horse Mascot that plays the William Tell Overture (also known as the Lone Range Theme Song that starts the race!



Larry gave us the rules.


And the Horses are Off and Running.



We had a great turnout for the races!

15-dscf3669 16-dscf3671 17-dscf3672 18-dscf3674

Our two jockeys, Leon Green and Neil Kanne, and our Spotter, Jerry Nieland.

19-dscf3676 20-dscf3677 21-dscf3678 22-15726794_10210533168559869_2799652641867422874_n

Pam Jensen ready to pass out the winnings here.


Some of our winners

24-dscf3681 25-dscf3682 26-dscf3684

Neil, Leon and Jerry cutting up with the spectators.

27-dscf3686 28-15781156_10210533167799850_643717928795810899_n 29-15697978_10210533171759949_5814102716522814961_n 31-dscf3689 32-dscf3690 33-dscf3691 34-dscf3709 35-dscf3692 36-dscf3693 37-dscf3696

Pam and Linda Thompson at the Payout Windows

38-dscf3700 39-dscf3701 40-dscf3702 41-dscf3703 42-dscf3705 43-dscf3707

It was a fun afternoon!

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1 Response to Lone Star Downs – 1st Races of the Season

  1. klt121 says:

    Looks like lots of fun. Will have to go next time.


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