2017 Winter Ranch Quilt Show

The Sixth Annual Quilt Show was held  on Tuesday, January 24, 2017, in Friendship Hall. Admission will be $2 and there was free cookies.  This season lunch was also available.  All proceeds went to “Quilting for the Needy” projects.

The Show featured modern and antique quilt displays, quilted art, items for the home and quilted accessories.  In addition, there were door prizes, vendors, a craft boutique, and a Second Hand Rose Booth.

Thanks to Linda Petersen and Brenda Granger who were the Chair and Co-Chair for this event. Thanks also to all those who helped out with the event, including the husbands! A big thanks also to Lee Clement for the pictures of the event.

16195772_10210796175374875_1750062424724272563_n 16265181_10210796165414626_1474462595709214246_n

Ellen Hicks



Joyce Harris

16265704_10210795430956265_6635873930165057748_n 16266159_10210796156174395_8742211537709412592_n

Mary Lawrence


Bonnie and Dave Langfield

16298880_10210795427356175_5377485725388230231_n 16298892_10210796176334899_1867793467266499213_n

Jim Stallwitz helping hold quilts during a presentation


Sherryl Holzer

16114861_10210795423316074_6981220586233904573_n-1 16114932_10210796178454952_12238929375287721_n 16142968_10210796162574555_5607390074899135007_n

Brenda Granger

16143078_10210795433276323_3816876304787735349_n 16174421_10210796160854512_3079981377770265205_n

Brenda Nolte


Della Rae Orndorff


Maureen Bartz


Barb DeGaramo, Lee and Anita King in the Chuck Wagon


Janet Hobson, Diane Onken and Kathy Pitts at the dessert table

16195100_10210795428556205_1125598788406370438_n-1 16195329_10210796174974865_900337666555288972_n

Linda Doerschug

16195385_10210795429276223_1787230974625556085_n-1 16195495_10210795430436252_8423220541121588956_n 16195529_10210796146534154_1415389333698101405_n

Nancy Hutchins



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1 Response to 2017 Winter Ranch Quilt Show

  1. Norma Richardson says:

    Norma and I were delighted to see all the pix of the Quilt Show. Please keep us posted.


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