Card and Board Games


Sunday 6:30 Bridge Library
Sunday 6:30 500 Friendship Hall
Sunday (Dec  thru Feb 13th) 6:30 Dominos FHe
Monday 1-3 Bunko FHe
Monday 1-3 Maj Jong Library
Monday 6:30-9 Poker Activity Room #3
Monday 6-9 Dominos FHe
Monday 6:30 Pinochle FHe
Tuesday 6:30 Bridge Library
Tuesday 6:30 Hand and Foot E Friendship Hall
Tuesday 6:30 Dirty Board Friendship Hall
Tuesday 6:30 Pitch E Friendship Hall
Wednesday 1:00 Beg Bridge Friendship Hall
Wednesday 6:00 Pony Tail Canasta FH Loft
Wednesday 6:30 Bingo Friendship Hall
Wednesday 6:30 Cribbage Library
Thursday 1:00 Beg Bridge Friendship Hall
Thursday 6:30 Poker Activity Room #3
Thursday (Oct-Dec and March) 6:30 Dominos Friendship Hall
Friday 1-3 Texas Hold ‘Em FH Loft
Friday 1-3:30 Maj Jong Library
Saturday 6:30 Bingo Friendship Hall
Saturday 6:30 Euchre W Friendship Hall
Saturday 6:30 Pegs and Jokers Library