Golden Age Olympics

Many of our Winter Ranchers participate in the Golden Age Olympics.  Last season we brought back many trophies.  Just so that you can mark your calendars for this season, here is the listing of events.  More info will come later.

This is a list of the Events that are on the calendar for this season:


11th – Shuffleboard Singles

12th – Jigsaw Puzzles

13th – Hearts

14th – Darts

15th – Darts and Shuffleboard Singles

18th – Shuffleboard Singles

19th – Petanque and Billiards 8-Ball Women

20th – Petanque

21st – Billiards 8-Ball Men

22nd – Shuffleboard Singles and Cribbage

23rd – Bean Bag

25th – Shuffleboard Doubles

26th – Petanque and Bowling Singles

27th – Petanque and Suduko

28th – Golf

29th – Shuffleboard Doubles

30th – Table Tennis


1st – Pinochle

2nd – Billiard 8-Ball Women Doubles

3rd – 500 Cards

4th – Billiards 8 Men Doubles

5th – Euchre and Disc Golf

6th – Bake Off

8th – Shuffleboard Doubles

9th – Bowling Team and Poker

10th – Poker and Movie Screening

11th – Duplicate Bridge

12th- Shuffleboard Doubles and Volleyball

13th – Volleyball

15th – Shuffleboard Mixed Doubles and Bird-A-Thon

16th – Billiards 9 Ball Women

17th – Bike Tour and Washers

18th – Billiards 9 Ball Men

19th – Shuffleboard Mied Doubles

20th – Swimming

22nd – Shuffleboard Mixed Doubles and Pickelball

23rd – Bowling and Mixed Doubles

24th – Pickleball and Fishing Derby

25th – Contract Bridge and The Great Chase

26th – Shuffleboard Mixed Doubles and Dance Party Cheer

27th – Racewalk

29th – Horseshoes Men


1st – Billiards 8 Ball Mixed Doubles

2nd – Horseshoes Women

3rd – Raceway Thunder and Mini Golf

4th – Walk & Talk

5th – Event Make-up

7th – Event Make-up

9th – Awards Ceremony

11th – Event Wrap-up

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