1st Responders Mission Statement

Mission Statement:

The Mission of the Volunteer Winter Ranch 1st Responders is to support the medical emergency needs of our residents until further medical service is rendered (Ambulance, ER, Urgent Care or Doctors Office).


1st Responders will:

  • Maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct.
  • Respect and maintain the privacy of residents and abide by all HIPA and Good Samaritan requirements.
  • Provide CPR, AED (Automated External Defibrillator), Heimlich maneuver and First Aid training and/or certification for each of the volunteers.


1st Responders will:

  • Respond to emergency calls from residents and provide medical assistance, as appropriate, prior to the arrival of Paramedics/EMT with the ambulance service or seeking further medical attention beyond the park.
  • Assist the ambulance in quickly locating the site of emergency and patient.
  • Assist patient/spouse for departure to a medical facility.
  • Secure the residence, including pet care and transportation accommodations.
  • Provide notification of friends/family upon request.


  • Is separate from the General and Activity Funds in the park.
  • Comes from an Annual fundraiser event and 50/50 ticket sales.
  • Donations are accepted from individuals or organizations to cover the costs of medical equipment, pagers, training and supplies.


Person in Charge:

Rita Huether is in charge of the 1st Responder volunteers and the program at Winter Ranch. She is located at lot 258.


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