Ambulance Services

Most residents prefer to contact 1st Responders and then have them call the ambulance, if necessary. Our 1st Responders have a very practiced and efficient system for ambulance entry into and exit from the park.  They are also able to provide vital information and assistance to the medics en route.

Med Ex Ambulance is the closest ambulance service to our park. The dispatch number is 956-322-580. The 1st Responders know that by calling directly, we get much faster service then when using 911. This is due to the numerous ambulance services within Hidalgo County. All fire, police and other emergency calls for each city are handled by the county-wide 911 system.

Our Winter Ranch 1st Responders activate the ambulance dispatch for our resident patients, they provide the dispatcher with pertinent information for the responding paramedics and/or air evac helicopter, as needed.

Each city in the Rio Grande Valley has its own ambulance service so if you have an emergency in another city don’t call Med Ex.




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