Medical Equipment That Can Be Borrowed

Cathy’s Closet  holds medical equipment for the use of residents as needed.   See the Business Office to borrow any items from Cathy’s Closet.

Crutches_clipart_image.jpgThis is a list of items residents can borrow/use from the closet:

  • Handicap toilet seat
  • blue bed pads
  • disposable nebulizers
  • oxygen cannula
  • (2) canes
  • bathtub handicap handle
  • (2) wheelchairs
  • (5) wheeled walkers
  • water rehab equipment
  • breathing treatment machine
  • transport belt
  • comfort gel mask (c-pap)
  •  bedside commode
  • (3) pair crutches
  • arm sling
  • Shower seat
  • Regular walker
  • Also in closet for visiting babies:
    •  stroller
    •  baby car seat
    •  child booster seat

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