Checking In – Take the Time to Protect Yourselves

Red Envelope

When you arrive at Winter Ranch, check your Mail Box for a Red Envelope containing Medical Emergency Information sheets.   Complete the emergency forms and return them to the Red Envelope.  Then place the Red Envelope somewhere on your refrigerator either by magnet or tape.  This will make them readily available and visible in case of an emergency. Emergencies often happen during the unpacking process and if you are unconscious you can’t answer pertinent questions. This essential medical information will be sent with you in the ambulance to the ER or other medical facility.

We encourage you to place this information on your refrigerator as soon as possible after you arrive.  Emergencies often happen during the unpacking process.

You might consider making copies of these documents to keep in your purses, wallets or vehicles.  This is good information to have readily available in case of an emergency outside the park.

If you did not receive a Red Envelope in your mail box, please stop in the Business Office. They will have some on hand just in case  your Red Envelope gets lost.

Neon Stickers

Neon Stickers are included in the Red Envelope.  The stickers have the phone numbers for our 1st Responders and Ambulance Services.  Attach the orange sticker to the back of your badge for quick reference.

Other Medical Information

Check out the Medical bulletin board in the hall for upcoming medical seminars and information pertaining to specific medical needs as well as cancer support groups in our community.


Please realize that 1st Responders to not share information due to HIPA laws concerning patient confidentiality. When the family is ready to share information with friends, you will now and hear correct information. It is better not to guess or promote rumors concerning the patient when test results are not complete.

Other Medical Questions or Concerns

Contact Rita Huether, head of our 1st Responders.


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