Contact List

Updated December 17, 2016

Contact Listing – Who’s Who at Winter Ranch

1st Responders Rita Huether
500 Card Game Ron and Mary Jane Jensen
50th Anniversary Celebration Kathy Loerch
Alamo Parade Coordinator Open Position
Bike to Breakfast Flo Reed
Biking Group – Long Runs Over 5 Miles Flo Reed
Biking Group – Short Runs Under 5 Miles Leon Green
Biking Group – Shorter Runs Under 4 Miles Bill and Jean Snyder
Billiards – Men Roy Darby
Billiards – Women Marsha Fabricius
Bingo on Wednesday Larry Chapin and Ginny Toman
Bingo on Saturday Dave Arrasmith
Bowling Judy Good
Bridge and Beginning Bridge Donna Ironside
Bridge Tournament Donna Ironside
Bunko Patty Ellison/Glenda Uselman
Caramel Corn Making Mary Hazlett
Ceramics Connie Lerdon
Chair Yoga Pam Hoppe
Christmas Angel Tree Patty Ellison
Christmas Caroling Karen Timko
Cribbage Nancy Hutchins/Bob Jones/Doyle Stratton
Crochet Sue Walker
Good Samaritan Project Contact Any Church Board Member
Christmas Party Activity Office
Christmas Lighting Contest Lee and Mary Benfield
Church Pastor Rev. Jim Frisby
Church Choir Director Phyllis Lauritsen
Church Pianist Jeannine Helmer and Pam Hoppe
Church Board Chairman Marvin Orndorff
Church Board Della Rae Orndorff
Church Board Vice Chairman Sam Hobson
Church Board Janet Hobson
Church Board Treasurer Gary Webb
Church Board Connie Webb
Church Board Secretary Della Rae Orndorff
Church Board COMING SOON
Church Board
Church Board
Church Board
Church Board
Church Board
Computer Group President, Open Help Consultant, Trainer, Directory, Prayer Request Line Ron Doershug
Computer Group Trainer, Open Help Consultant Herman Baughman
Computer Group Directory Donna Hulsey
Computer Group Trainer, Open Help Consultant Donna Ritchie
Computer Group Treasurer, Open Help Consultant and Mailing Labels Jim Stallwitz
Computer Group Secretary /Labels Lois Weinzierl
Computer Group Directory Ron Doershug and Group
Craft Show and Luncheon Activity Office
Cribbage Nancy Hutchins, Bob Jones and Doyle Stratton
Crocheting and Knitting Sue Walker, Judy Timmer, Sue Holzer
Dance Class – Line Dancing JoAnn Sullivan
Dance Class – Couples Judy Good
Decorating Friendship Hall Nora Minor
Dinner Theater and Matinee Friendship Hall Marcia Fabricius
Dirty Board Game Shirley Mills
Doggie/Pet Parade with Trophy Gardens Trophy Gardens
Dances Activity Office
Dominos Dennis Foley
Entertainment Activity Office
Euchre Gary Schnau
Exercises (Morning) Friendship Hall Pam Hoppe and Judy Teply
Golden Age Olympics Coordinator Marcia Fabricius
Golf Luncheon (Ladies) Jennifer Williams
Golf, Men’s Golf Scramble Vicki Miller
Golf, Mixed Golf Scramble Vicki Miller
Golf, Women’s Golf Scramble Jennifer Williams
Golf, Skins Don Hoppe
Good Samaritan Project Contact Any Church Board Member
Greeting Card Classes Jean Holmes
Hand and Foot Herman Baughman
Hardanger Pam Horstman
Horseshoes Run by Trophy Gardens
Ice Cream Socials Janet Wilson
Jam Sessions Ross Craft
Jam Luncheons Activity Office
Jazzercise Judy Teply
Jewelry Making Martie Senkler
Karaoke Carol Earley
Kitchen Activity Office/Kitchen Coord.
Knitting and Crocheting Sue Walker, Judy Timmer and Sherryl Holzer
Labels for mailing Computer Group
Ladies Luncheon Chairperson Jean Holmes
Mail Room Sheryl Craft
Maj Jong Joella Buckholz
Margarita Party Billiards Group Roy Darby
Men’s Luncheon Rosie Ewald
Memorial Service Jeanine Helmer
Painting Classes, Water Color Kathy Pitts
Painting Classes, Acrylic
Painting Group and Open Painting Times
Pegs and Jokers Bonnie Langfield
Peter Piper Pizza Luncheon Mary Hazlett / Sandie and Chuck Trimpe
Pickle Ball Donna Hulsey
Ping Pong Sam Hobson
Pinochle Ron Frandle
Pinochle – Double Deck Betsy Sterns
Pitch Betty Sloan
Pony Tail Canasta George Heronimus
Poker Lavere Groth
Potlucks, Park (For Everyone on Mondays) Mary Hamilton/Donna Ironside
Potluck, Bikers Flo Reed
Potluck, Canada Kathy Doddridge/Debby Boyes
Potluck Six State (SD, ND, WY, NE, MT, CO) Lois Green
Potluck, Illinois Marvin Campbell
Potluck, Iowa Jean Figge
Potluck,  Kansas/Oklahoma Randy and Lana Lemasters
Potluck, Michigan Lynn Prime
Potluck, Minnesota Tom Griffith
Potluck, Missouri John and Linda Stringer
Potluck, Wisconsin Donna Hulsey
Potluck, All other States Linda Doerschug
Room Scheduling Including Kitchen Activity Office
Quilting For The Needy Nancy Hudgins
Quilting Dinner Fundraiser Nancy Hudgins
Quilt Show Brenda Granger and Linda Petersen
Sew 4 Fun Group Margaret Janke
Shuffleboard John Figge
St. Patricks Day Parade Coordinator Open Position
Stained Glass Pat Bishop
Super Bowl Party Leon Green
Swedish Weaving Sherrye Elkins
Swimming Exercise Jeanine Helmer
Tap Dancing Classes JoAnn Sullivan or Penny Vollrath if she returns
Texas Hold-Em Roy Darby
Theater – Winter Ranch Players Marcia Fabricius
Theme Party Activity Office
Tour Director Ann Lindstrom
Variety Show Lee Clement and JoAnn Sullivan
Veterans Advocate H. B. Hulsey
Veterans’ Board Donna and Richard Ritchie
Veterans’ Day Program Activity Office
Video Check Out Rosie Ewald
Walk Fit Pam Hoppe
Water Exercises Connie Lerdon
Water Volleyball Flo Reed and Pam Hoppe
Welcome Committee Chuck and Pat Cullett
Welcome Committee Harrell and Karen Hockemeier
Welcome Committee Jim and Jerri Mahan
Welcome Committee Don and Connie Mueller
Winter Ranch Activity Board Chairperson Lee Clement
Winter Ranch Activity Board Park Managers Larry and Cathy Chapin
Winter Ranch Activity Board Activity Directors Lee and Anita King
Winter Ranch Activity Board Arts and Crafts Linda Doerschug
Winter Ranch Activity Board Church Board Marvin Orndorff
Winter Ranch Activity Board Kitchen Barb Steenrod
Winter Ranch Activity Board Music and Dance Lee Clement/JoAnn Sullivan
Winter Ranch Activity Board Sports Dave Kniker
Winter Ranch Activity Board Member at Large Paul Wilson
Winter Ranch Activity Blog and Facebook Page Lee and Mary Benfield
Winter Ranch Office Resort Manager Cathy and Larry Chapin
Winter Ranch Office Manager Emma Martinez
Winter Ranch Office Staff Joe and Sue Siwicke
Winter Ranch Office Staff Shari Melvin
Winter Ranch Office Activity Directors Lee and Anita King
Winter Ranch Kitchen Kitchen Coordinator Kurt Albrecht
Winter Ranch Prayer and Concern Website Ron Doerschug
Winter Ranch Resort Yard Sale Facebook Page Marsha Bender
Wood Carving Bill McCrabb
Woodshop President Dick Larson
Woodshop Vice President Charles Duran
Woodshop Treasurer Dave Langfield
Woodshop Secretary Jim Thomas
Yoga, Chair (Better Balance) Pam Hoppe
Yoga, Gentle (Senior) Pam Hoppe
Zumba Gold Patti Becker



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