Sweet Water

December 2 at 7 pm – Tickets are $5


Sweet Water plays mainly country music, but also plays classic rock, and Tejano music … a Texas blend of Mexican music.

Route 66

December 16th, 7 pm – Tickets $5


They are a local Rio Grande Valley dance band playing a variety of music ranging from popular dance music and country/western to classic rock.

Jealous Heart

January 6th   7 PM  Tickets


Jealous Heart has new sound which is mostly the newer country style of music with more rock!   The famous JEALOUS HEART BAND has emerge a much better and a more enjoyable band than ever before! We are excited Folks! 

The Agency

January 13th    7 pm  Tickets $9


Celebrating 24 years,”The Agency” is a Rio Grande Valley-based five-piece veteran band that has been entertaining people throughout Texas since 1993.

We specialize in authentic versions of rock, soul and Motown classic hits from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. We also play a variety of dinner jazz, swing, country, waltzes and more.

Composed of seasoned musicians who grew up with classic rock, “The Agency” is well-known for finely crafted vocals, tight, blended sound and danceable arrangements.


Roger Kenaston Band

Januay 20th  7 pm  $5


From Nebraska, the Roger Kenaston Band has been performing across the Mid-west for many years. The band features four professional, multi-talented entertainers. Roger Kenaston is an award winning Electric Guitar, Flat-top Guitar, Dobro, Mandolin, Fiddle player and singer. His wife, Sharon, plays bass, drums or rhythm guitar and adds an exceptional voice to the group.

Roger’s sister, Vanessa, plays rhythm guitar, upright bass, mandolin and more and is an energetic singer and yodeler. Jerry Neeman is a retired high school band director. He is an excellent drummer and singer and when he steps to the front of the stage, his exceptional trumpet playing is a highlight at any show or dance.

Diego Saurina

February 10   7 pm   $5

– diegoandedith

Join us for a high energy performance by Diego and his wife, Edith.   The audience participation includes line dancing, Congo line, or rock and roll.     If you like to cha-cha, meringue, country two-step, ballads, Latin, Country and Rock and Roll, you’ll enjoy Diego.

Country Roland Jr

February 17th  7 pm  Tickets $5


Check out the music on Country Roland Jr’s website.

“During the early 70’s, Country Roland became popular by recording old Spanish songs with a different genre. Today that genre is known as Country Roland Style. Although Country Roland Sr was the “Star” of the show, Rolando Garcia Jr was a major force behind the scenes. He would play most of the instruments in the recording sessions.   In the 80’s, Rolando Jr had left the music business,   In 1999, one of his sons wanted to get into the music business and Roland Jr decided to start again to help his son. He was asked by many friends to play for private parties. Promoters and club owners wanted the “Roland Garcia” style of music making Roland popular with the locals as well as Winter Texans. “

Pelican West

January 27th 7 pm  Tickets $7


March 3rd      7 pm – Tickets $7


Pelican West was a new band to us last season and we really enjoyed them.  They play a variety of music including rock and roll, country, etc.  You request it and they can probably play it.


5 Responses to Dances

  1. Sue Henderson says:

    Nice lineup.. Who is playing New Years?


  2. Donna RItchie says:

    What about Valentines and NewYear ‘s Eve?


  3. Chari says:

    Love the line up, we’ll see you at several more dances this year…. some of our favorites are scheduled… THANKS, It’ll be a fun year in the park. 🙂


  4. Angie Radosevic says:

    Mar. 18th dance with Diego – is that a dinner dance?? Are reservations required & what’s cost??
    Angie Radosevic


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