Other Events

This listing of Other Events includes events that occur weekly and other that are once a season.


2 Responses to Other Events

  1. Karen, I put a copy of this on the Winter Ranch Group as more people will see it there.


  2. klt121 says:

    Just a reminder that Christmas Caroling is Dec. 20th on Tuesday. We still need Carol books from monitor. If anyone has an in, it would be great to get about 25 more or if you still have them, please give to me or turn in at activity office. I am on site 612. We can also use golf carts to be used for caroling. There is a sign up sheet on bulletin board across from mail room. Please let me know and have your carts up at hall at 3:15. Carolers: please sign the sheet up at the hall, bring bells, smiles and be ready to have fun as we sing for our first responder and those who need the joy of carols! Any questions my number is 248-408-5890 Thank you. Karen Timko


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