Ice Cream Sundae Sundays


Sundae Sundays are held at 5:00 pm in Friendship Hall the first Sunday of the month. You can build your own sundaes from vanilla ice cream and a choice of toppings.  Please bring your own bowl and spoon.  One Scoop of Ice Cream is $1.25- it’s a good sized scoop!



3 Responses to Ice Cream Sundae Sundays

  1. Dave Kniker says:

    sorry – I noted that Sunday entertainments were listed at 7 pm. If entertainment on
    Sunday is 2 pm or 3 pm – it would be possible to have the ice cream after the entertainment – say a 1/2 hour or a bit more after the entertainment is over – there have been many who have enjoyed this feature – even if the cost per scoop has to go up a bit. Thanks.


  2. Dave Kniker says:

    entertainment on Sundays is listed at 7 pm, why not have socials? Or even a bit earlier – like 4 pm?


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