Variety Show 2016

lights-camera-action-clip-art-538The Variety Show is scheduled for February 21, 2016 at 7 PM in Friendship Hall.  The Coordinators for the event are Lee Clement and JoAnn Sullivan.

Variety Show Participants — Dates to remember:

February 11              8:45-1:30                 Timing Audition – You need to perform the complete routine that you will do on February 21st.
February 16              6:30 to 10 PM         Light and Sound Rehearsal –  Light and sound rehearsal.  Costumes not needed unless it is a necessary part of the performance.
February 21             1 to 3 PM                   Dress Rehearsal with sound and lighting.

February 21              7 PM – 10 PM           Show Time

JoAnn would like all of you who are participating in the Variety Show to know that all acts must perform their act in entirety at the timing rehearsal.   We really need you to be  prepared by the first rehearsal. It will be a true timing rehearsal as well as an audition if directors need to suggest any changes.

To see pictures from the Variety Show from last season, check out this link to our old blog.


2 Responses to Variety Show 2016

  1. John Barnes says:

    I haven’t seen a sign up sheet yet… when will it be posted?


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