2016-2017 New Winter Ranch Residents

welcome_heyNew Residents:  If I don’t have any information about you it is because I haven’t received the information page back from you that was in your Welcome Packet.  If you’ve lost it, stop by the Activities Office and we’ll get your information and put it on the Blog.

If your picture isn’t here, please stop in the Activities Office and we’ll take it.  Plus, we have a packet of information and some welcome coupons that you will want to cash in around the resort.  The price of the packet, is your picture!!

The Benfields

Figge,Jeane and John Figge

 Jeane and John are now year-round residents of Winter Residents of Winter Ranch on Lot 258.  They purchased Arnie and Rita Huether’s former residence.  They are from Sioux City, Iowa.  They came here from recommendations from friends and family – Jim and Myra Luetje and Denny and Kay White.  They enjoy Shuffle Board, Water Exercse, Golfing and Cards.


Charles and Michelin Brown
Lot 615


Shirley and Karel Kleve from Minnesota
Lot 12

DSCN7966Bud and Carolyn Philips

Bud and Carolyn Philips came to Winter Ranch with the recommendation of other friends from Camdenton.  They are on Lot 448.  They enjoy Shuffleboard, Pickleball, Golf, Biking, Pool, Cards and Board Games.  They like trips also so you may see them on the bus.

Gary Stiverson and Carol Jacot reside at Lot 279.  They are from Pittsford Michigan.  Carol is Donna McKee’s sister.  They are interested in pickleball, water volleyball, quilting and golf.


Janell and Phil Mackey

Phil and Janell Mackey and their little dachshund “Lillie” live on Lot 328.  They are from Wagoner, Oklahoma.  They came to Winter Ranch because of friends.  Janelle is interested in quilting and water aerobics and Phil is interesed in crocheting, hand quilting and embroidery.


Sue and Bill Hobson

Bill’s brother is our Sam Hobson and that is how they probably came to Winter Ranch.  They are on Lot 661 and are from Algona, Iowa.  They are interested in the Church Choir, golf, pickleball, ping pong and visiting with all the nice people walking around the park.


Kay and John Steinke

Kay and John are on Lot 692.  They are from Indianola, Iowa.  They have come to Winter Ranch because of Jim and Linda McCrory an Butch and Pam Jensen.  They are interested in all kinds of activities at Winter Ranch.


Sharon Dohner

Sharon Dohner and her dog, Ellie Mae, are on Lot 483.  Sharon is from Nappanee, Indiana.  She decided to come back to Winter Rance after several years because of friends.


Keith and Jeannie Jones

Keith and Jeannie are on Lot 466.  They found us in a Good Sam’s Book.

2-DSCF1157Sue and Ray Woodard

Sue and Ray are on Lot 695 with their kitty, Smokie Joe. They came to Winter Ranch because of Doug and Sherry McVicker. They are glad to be here. Ray retired from GM and Sue retired from Michigan State Univesity. They are interested in wood carving, stained glass, singing and resting.


Diane Onken

Diane is from Cherokee, Iowa.  She resides with Karen Johnson on Lot 261.  They came here because of the Carroll County bunch.  Diane has four daughters, 9 grandchildren and one great grandson.  She loves to travel and experience new places and people.  She likes staying active and meeting new people.  She is interested in water exercise, volunteering where needed, shuffleboard, tours, potlucks, movies, ceramics, bingo, outtings, church, cards, quilting shows, yoga and jams.


Karen Johnson

Karen is from Carroll, Iowa and she came because our our Carroll County bunch.  She resides with Diane Onken on Lot 261.  At home she enjoyed being with her family, helping with project at church, and working as a volunteer for SHIIP (Senior Health Insurance Information Program) as a Medicare Counselor.  She enjoys most kinds of cards, ceramics, yoga, water exercises, pool, the shows, and the trips.  She says that everything here is fun and a great way to meet people.

Bass, Patrick & MarciaMarcia and Patrick Bass

Patrick and Marcia were with us in 2014 for a few weeks and have returned.  They are friends of Ginny and Dick Toman.  They have been full-time RVers for the past 11 years. The are on Lot 595.  They enjoy Bingo, Woodshop, Cards and Dominos.


Ann and Tom Portell


Theresa Corwin and Jeff Spencer
Lot 348

Theresa is the daughter of our Managers, Cathy and Larry Chapin.  She and Jeff live with their beagle mix Britney and their chihuahua Bailey.  They are from Commerce Famington Hills, Michigan.  They enjoy our Roundups, beanbag baseball and the dances.


Kitty and Terry Strickland

Kitty and Terry along with their Shiztu, Patch, are on Lot 322. They are friends of Mike and Leona Fultz and are from Topeka, Kansas.


Ron and Louise Pothoven

Ron and Louise are from Oskaloosa, Iowa. They reside on Lot 553. They are interested in quilting, choir, games, crafts and computers.


Mike and Pat Montgomery

Mike and at and their mini Schnauzer, Maximus, live on Lot 339. They are from Virginia Beach, Virginia and came here because of their friends, Ron and Linda Doerschug. They enjoy bingo, cards and games.



Marvin Eide
Lot 738

Marvin come to us for South Dakota where he lived for 29 years. Prior to that he lived in North Platte, Nebraska for 40 years. He worked for 25 years at Gerald Gentleman Power Generating Coal-fired plant as an Engineering Technician, work planner, scheduler and instructor. He also worked as a teacher, health inspector, HUD Redevelopment Coordinator, Plumber and High School Industrial Arts Instructor. He decided to come to Winter Ranch because of his friends, Leon and Lois Green and because of the COLD North Winters!!!


Fred and Linda Sauer
Lot 330

Fred and Linda hail from Kansas City, Missouri. They have a long-haired dachsund named Spencer. They came to Winter Ranch because of Jerry and Betty Hecker who are their relations. They enjoy golf, pickleball, dancing, biking and bingo. Linda just retired from Hallmark Cards.


Michael and Sandra Keliher
Lot 620

Michael and Sandra list a home address of Livingston, Texas but are from Northern Maine. They have two cats named Ricky and Gracie. They found us from a brochure they received in the mail. They love golf and games.



Barry and Joy Marsh
Lot 162

Barry and Joy come from Winnebago, Minnesota. They came to Winter Ranch because of friends. They arrived in time to celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary.  They enjoy golfing, exercise classes, the pool and billiards.



Greg and Phyllis Carter
Lot 314

Greg and Phyllis are from St. Peters, Missouri. They are camping buddies of Jerry and Judy Blanc. They like yoga and bingo and are interested in the bus trips.


Clenzell and Susan Hearn
Lot 472

Clenzell and Susan and their two cats, Kitty and Kitty Kitty, come from Peoria Illinois. They came to Winter Ranch through Bonnie and Bill Ford. They say they are “finally retired and ready for retirement fun.” They enjoy cards, quilting, entertainment and swimming.