Water Volleyball

water volleyball

Flo Reed and Pam Hoppe are the are the Coordinators for Water Volleyball.

Mon 4-5 PM Jan thru March Pool
Tues 1-3 PM Pool
Wed 4-5 PM Jan thru March Pool
Thurs 1-3 PM Pool
Fri 4-5 PM Jan thru March Pool

WR Pool 10959347_602987429832218_717243646152055030_n


3 Responses to Water Volleyball

  1. Vivian Maharas says:

    Love the WR volleyball site. Fun and easy to read.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ray and Glenda Uselman says:

    Why don’t we have water volleyball the same time everyday Monday thru Friday 4-5 pm. That way the pool would be available for early afternoon use for the rest of the people in the park.
    Thank You.
    Ray and Glenda Uselman


    • Thanks for your input, Ray and Glenda. The Tuesday/Thursday volleyball game has been at this time for years and it is two hours long instead of one. We put the new times for the group from 4 to 5 just for the reason you’ve pointed out. Let’s get the season started and we’ll see what other input we receive.


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